Our Story

Say Cheeez! Photography was established in 1995.  After several years in the 'computer world', I began to realize that this wasn't where I wanted to be.  I felt I was being led in another direction.  Once that ball started rolling - the doors just seemed to come off their hinges!

I wanted to make a CAREER of photographing - specifically PEOPLE & their lives!

This put an entirely different spin on my outlook.  I knew I needed to be educated and once again, the doors opened.  He was leading me down pathways that were hard to ignore and the blessings began to grow...

Long story short - here we are - alive & kicking!  I take a personal interest in EVERYONE I photograph.  That's what makes this job FUN and interesting.  People really do make the world go round!

And to everyone I've ever photographed - please know that I take away a little something from EACH of you...a funny story; a personal struggle; a personal or family success; a joke; your childrens' adventures; your generosity; your creative ideas; your outlook on life and always - your smile!

Thank You.