When you visit a website or someone's LinkedIn page with professional business images

versus "snapshots" or images taken with a cell phone,

you notice the difference, right?


So does everyone else...



Prices for on-location sessions begin at $125 for smaller businesses and $250 for larger ones.  This cost is dependent upon the length of time required, scheduling restrictions and any specific requirements.

Your employees can choose their favorite pose.  These will be enhanced and presented on a CD within 10 business days after you've chosen your images (along with a copyright release so you can use the images as needed).

 Prices for in-studio business portraits begin at $79 which includes a private session and an enhanced digital image of your choice.  You will receive a CD with your image and a copyright release to use your image as needed.


Large organization?  Need to update all of your staffs' images? Is the thought of orchestrating that sending shivers down your spine?

We're here to help!

We come to you.  You choose your background (ours or an area in your building),  we'll add professional lighting  and create a business headshot of each person... in less than 5 minutes each!

Your employees just walk back down the hall - back at work within minutes.  No loss of productivity or valuable time taken away from the office.

Multiple locations?  We can help you with that also.  Your organization's finest assests will give your website a cohesive and professional appearance.

Small business?  Or one where clients or patients or staff are working together as part of your daily routine?

You certainly can't afford to have your employees out of the office for photographs!

We'll come to you and will work with your schedule.

Does your business create products or services?

Wouldn't you love to let the world know what you do without lengthy explanations?

That old adage of "a picture is worth..." could be your answer!

We offer "Typical Day" images.  These are staged images of your staff interacting with each other or clients or patients or machinery or products.

This shows your perspective clients exactly what you do - without saying a word!

Do you offer or manufacture products that need to be on your website?  Consumers are very savvy these days - those images need to get their attention.

We also offer product photography.

Please call us to discuss your specific needs.  Your business is unique and we will customize our pricing based on your individual needs.


It may fit your needs better to come to our studio in Providence Forge (half way between Richmond and Williamsburg right off I-64).

If you are an independent business person who wants to update your image or it's time to update your LinkedIn profile portrait, our studio might be your solution.

We will give you that extra attention and you can change your attire to give you options.


This is by no means complete, but a list of the types of businesses that might benefit from professional photography and we'd love to help you portray your business as it should be!

  • Businesses located in downtown areas
  • Businesses with multiple locations
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Small businesses of ANY size
  • Doctor & Dentist offices
  • Chiropractor & Physical Therapy offices
  • Veternarians & Dog Groomers
  • Churches (staff and/or directories)
  • Hair Salons & Massage Therapists
  • Fitness Centers & Gyms
  • Real Estate - agents & staff
  • Accounting Firms
  • Financial Services Companies
  • etc., etc., etc.