3 seconds...

That's how long you have to catch a home buyer's attention online.

It's an emotional connection.

It's a quick response.

It's a first impression.

You never get a second chance at a first impression.

For some of the same reasons a person selling their home hires a professional realtor - a realtor hires a professional photographer.

How delighted will your client be when they know you are taking the selling of their home seriously by hiring a professional photographer?

A professional photographer has a creative eye, they know how to make the "ordinary" look impressive!

As you, the realtor, possesses "tools of the trade"; professional photographers use their knowledge, equipment and lighting to make spaces appear bright and cheery.

As the saying goes "owning a really nice camera makes one no more a professional photographer than owning a really nice guitar makes one play like Eric Clapton".

They are trained in the art of composing, lighting & color to create images that beg for a second look...and sometimes that's all it takes for you to get that call.

Think you can't afford it?  As an example:  if you are selling a home for $200,000 and you spend $200 for professional images, that is 1/10 of 1% of the selling price.


When you agree to have us photograph a home for you, you'll receive our FREE helpful hints called "Setting the Stage" to share with your sellers.

This is a brief but comprehensive room-by-room guide with simple & easy ways to help make a home look its best for "picture day".

An average home can look remarkable if it's staged and photographed correctly.



Bedrock - $70 (befitting of small townhomes & condos or smaller homes) - 20 images

Benchmark - $95 (suitable for most single family homes or small homes w/community features) - 35 images

Touchstone - $120 (appropriate for larger single family homes) - 50 images

Hallmark - $140 (deserving of luxury homes to additionally include its notable details) - 65 images

Residential communities, retirement communities, assisted living communities, etc. who want images for marketing purposes, please call to discuss your specific needs

Home exteriors only or Lots - $35 - max of 8 images

Add-on Opportunities:

Pre-photography consultation at the home site - between $15-$30

Neighborhood images - $50 - featuring amenities where the home is located - max of 12 images


Ask about our "First Home" special for our new clients (50% off Bedrock or Benchmark packages)

Once the home has been photographed, your images will be emailed to you within 1-2 days.  This will be followed with the images on a CD, soon after.

Between 45 and 90 minutes, on average, is allocated to photograph a home.

The photographer owns and maintains the copyrights to all images.  Agents are allowed the right to USE the images for the MLS.  These images are not transferrable under any conditions.

Say Cheeez! is fully insured, our services and images are guaranteed.